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Steamed Pudding Tin – 100mm x 150mm


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What’s a Hāngi without Steamed Pudding? Cook your Hangi and Pudding together in your Kiwi Cooker at the same time using our Steamed Pudding Tin.
 We line the Tin with an oven bag and fill 2/3-3/4 full with Pudding mix, loosely tie off the top of the oven bag and place it in the centre of the basket with the meat or veggie packed around it, then cook your Hāngi as usual. They can also be used in the water tray of our Iwi and Hapu Cookers.
-Designed using with a heavy 3mm base so it can used in a Pot or Slow Cooker without floating. 
-Serves 8-16+ depending on portion size. 
-100mm w x 150mm h 
-Food grade Stainless Steel