Salami Premix 1Kg


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Our complete salami premix contains all the ingredients in the right proportions to make a basic salami, including cure, salt, sugars and spices. It is not necessary to add anything else but meat, however extra spices such as chilli, kibbled black pepper, or pepper paste may be added according to taste. Also, the optional addition of a starter culture such as Opti-Start Sprint will speed up the ripening process dramatically if required.

Please note that this product can be used for both dry-ripened and cooked salami. Great care and responsibility needs to be taken when making any dry-ripened salami. Results can vary significantly due to a number of factors including ingredients, method, cleanliness, meat source and drying conditions. As such, Huon Distributors will not be held responsible for the outcome. The only way to guarantee a safe salami product is to destroy any existing pathogens by cooking to an internal temperature of 70 Degrees Celsius.