Moonshine BBQ Rubs & Cures


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What is Moonshine BBQ?
Collections of spices and mortar and pestleThere is something incredibly satisfying about slow-cooked food – the combination of time, temperature, and the art of balancing flavours to create mouthwatering dishes that get better and better each time you cook them. The team at Moonshine BBQ live and breathe slow-cooked food and we are excited to share our little project with you.

Our range of specially created BBQ rubs uses the best quality herbs and spices which are combined to create a range that we are very proud of. The recipes have been developed and tested over time, and we have been fortunate enough to gain the knowledge and experience of some of Australia’s best chefs to help us get it just right. Rich flavours, on any cut of red meat, fish or poultry that will work no matter how you put it together.

Whether you prefer to cook it low and slow on the smoker, fast and hot on the grill, or all afternoon in the oven, Moonshine BBQ rubs, and mixes will take your meal to another level


Lamb Rub 100g, Spiced Heat 100g, Chicken Rub 100g, Pork Rub 100g, Beef Rub 100g, Brisket Rub 100g, Coffee Rub 100g, Bacon Cure 160g, Turkey Brine