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Misty Gully Cures & Salts


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Australia’s #1 brand for curing salts, Misty Gully’s premium range offers products you can trust to will deliver the best possible results to both professional and home chefs alike. We have three specific curing salts, perfect for any project.


Maple Bacon Cure 1kg – Makes Approx 25kgs, Maple Ham Cure 1kg – Makes approx 7.4kgs, Curing Salt #1. – 6.25% 1kg (Bacon, Ham, Corned Beef) Makes Approx 500kgs, Curing Salt #1 – 2% 1kg (Jerky, Kransky Etc) Makes Approx 330kgs, Curing Salt #2 1kg (Salami) Makes Approx 330kgs, Kosher Salt 1kg