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This super clever Laica Vacuum Sealer is the best way to conserve your favourite foods. Anything from meat to fish and vegetables to cheese, even coffee will last longer in the fridge or pantry thanks to its adjustable suction power as well as a sealing setting for wet or dry foods. With just the touch of a button, you can access the vacuum seal or simply seal sturdy plastic bags to keep food fresh or for sous vide cooking.
Key Features:
Fully automatic vacuum sealer that operates with a touch of a button
Features an adjustable suction power (normal and gentle), as well as a sealing setting for wet or dry foods
Has a manual function to allow for sealing delicate foods with the worry of damaging them
Handy sealing function allows to seal bags, keeping them airtight but without vacuuming out the air
Perfect for keeping meat, fish and salami to fruits, vegetables, cheese, pasta, rice and even coffee fresh for longer