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Green Mountain Grills Pellets 12.7kgs

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GMG pellets from 100% kiln-dried sawdust which stays clean throughout the process. The natural lignin present in all woods binds the pellets together without any additives whatsoever.
Premium Texas Blend – is packed full of big Texas flavor in every pellet and is a perfect choice of hardwoods to bring out the flavor in your food without overpowering it. This aromatic blend of Black Oak, American Hickory, and a hint of Texas Mesquite offers a consistent flavorful smoke
throughout the cook.
Premium Gold Blend -This mellow blend of Red Oak, American Hickory, and Mountain Maple subtly flavors your food without overpowering it. These are some of the hardest of the hardwoods and produce a long burn with modest smoke.
Premium Fruit Wood Blend – This bold blend of Orchard Cherry, American Beech, and Sweet Pecan (yes, pecan is a fruit!) smells sweet when you cook with it and adds character to whatever you grill. Premium Fruitwood Blend is favored by competition barbecue teams and grillers nationwide for it’s flavorfu


Premium Texas Blend Pellets – 12.7kg, Premium Gold Blend Pellets – 12.7kg, Premium Fruitwood Blend Pellets – 12.7kg, Premium Apple Blend Pellets – 12.7kg