Firebrand Hardwood Charcoal 5kg


A versatile product produced from only the purest citrus hardwood.

Lights super quick making it particularly good for those hot and fast grilling cook ups.

The small to medium sized pieces make it suitable for low n slow cooking in kettles, bullet smokers, drum smokers or other applications when you need your fuel to sit nice and compact.

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5kg Professional Firebrand Natural Hardwood Charcoal lumps.

High quality lump charcoal; regarded as the best quality charcoal in Australia.

Includes mix of larger and smaller chunks so you can choose what you need for each specific occasion.

Benefits and features of this charcoal:

100% Natural – No chemical additives or binders
Environmentally friendly
Lasts more than 5 hours
No smoke, No odour and No sparks
Maintains a higher burning temperature for longer
Low ash residue – Leaves only 5% of its original mass behind as ash
You don’t get a bag of charcoal beads with lots of broken bits and crumbs at the bottom
This Firebrand natural hardwood lump charcoal is easy to use and provides excellent heat and an untainted genuine charcoal flavour.