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Cabana/ Kransky/Strassbourg Premix 2.7kg – makes approx 54kgs


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Cabana premix is one of our most popular and versatile products. In addition to making a great-tasting Cabana, it can also be used for making Pepperoni, Kransky (Polish Sausage), and Strassbourg.

Cabana mix makes a product that tastes great by itself, but if desired, you can also add extra ingredients such as dried chilli, garlic or cheese pieces to give your smallgoods a personalised flavour.

(For smaller batches, simply use ingredients in the same ratios as shown above).

Method For Cabana / Kransky / Strassbourg


2.7Kg Cabana Premix
45Kg Meat (50% Lean Beef / 50% Fatty Pork Trim)
7Kg Iced Water


1. Mince meat through a coarse mincer plate.
2. Add Cabana Premix and mix well.
3. Add Iced Water and continue mixing.
4. Mince again through a coarse mincer plate.
5. Put mixed product into a food-grade tub and place under refrigeration overnight for cure to work.

Next Day:
6. Fill mixture into relevant casing (Use hog or collagen casings for Cabana and Kransky. Use natural or polymer