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Butchers Twine with Cutter White


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Truss stuffed meat for roasting or seal ramekins with parchment paper using this white Avanti Butcher’s Twine with Cutter. Specially packaged for knot-free dispensing of twine, it is oven safe up to 250C. Made of natural rayon, the cutter included also lets you pull and cut with ease.
Key Features:
Made of 60m natural and strong rayon
Includes a cutter for easy pulling and cutting of the twine
Heat-resistant and safe for oven use up to 250C
Conveniently packaged to avoid knots
Ideal for trussing meat and poultry, creating bundles of herbs, and more
Construction 100% rayon
Dimensions 60m (length)
Oven safe Yes, up to 250C
Colour White
Cleaning and care Single use

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