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Banquet Bags – Salumi / Charcuterie – Large


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The Safest and easiest way to cure your own Charcuterie (Salumi) at home.

Each pack contains 6 bags
LARGE = 400x800mm
These are a truly unique and revolutionary product. Processing cured meats and salamis in the traditional methods has always been something that for most of us living in Australia, has been impossible due to our climate.

But now you can do it safely in your own refrigerator and take out the potential of the meat picking up germs from the environment by putting your meat or salami in a Banquet Bag. The bags form a bonds with the protein in the meat, allowing them to age without the risk of picking up unwanted germs or fungi, while still allowing the meat to ‘breathe’. The bags are also thin enough for smoke to permeate and add an additional flavour profile.

Make pancetta, salami, coppa, proscuitto and more…!